I’m a psychology professor and a writer. My passion is understanding history by applying psychology.

Why did political or military leaders make the decisions they did? / How did it feel to experience particular historical events? / Why were certain issues so important to some people that they were willing to die for their beliefs?


I teach undergraduate and graduate classes in psychology and law, cognition, and memory. I also created a seminar called “Psychology and the U.S. Civil War” and recruited a class of graduate and undergraduate students.

My research examines psychology and law, specifically eyewitness memory and juror decision making. I’ve published articles on the weapon focus effect, deception, confessions, and psychological harm.

For inquiries about my research or classes, please contact me at kpickel@bsu.edu


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I’m working on a novel set during the Civil War. The story: Guided by visions she believes are sent by God, a young Indiana woman leaves home to search for her MIA brother. To cope with gender-based discrimination, she disguises herself as a soldier, and in the process she discovers personal freedom.

You can contact me about writing or history at kerri.pickel@yahoo.com